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Bakker historische foto
How it all started
In 1930, Janus Bakker established Bakker Barendrecht. His five sons all worked for the company at some point during their career and one of his grandsons still works here today. Janus was a talented businessman - ‘fair and reliable’ -, which is why the company is succesful from the start. Bakker has been cooperating with Albert Heijn since 1960. Over the years, the relationship has developed into a strategic partnership. In the Eighties, Bakker and Albert Heijn made the historic decision to work directly with growers. The outcome was Holland Crop, our Dutch growers network. Together we have established a short chain. The start of a close-knit, sustainable and ‘fruitful’ network of passionate growers. Bakker now has subsidiaries in the Netherlands and Czechia. In Belgium we are partner for sustainable supply chain management both for Delhaize and Delhaize supplier network.
About us
We are proud of our customer success! Our strategic partnership with our customers and our close cooperation with our growers ensure that we can supply the very best quality, now and in the future.