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Our operations
We are proud of our customers and our joint accomplishment! We have a unique, almost 60-year partnership with Albert Heijn. We have been working with our Holland Crop grower network for several decades and also have a dedicated network of international growers. This ensures that we can supply the very best quality, now and in the future.

We always start from consumer demand. Which quantities does our customer need and when? We make agreements with our growers about this. We grow what we sell instead of the other way round. This mouth to soil principle means our operations are sustainable and innovative. And we put a lot of energy into this, every day! But we enjoy doing this, because pleasure is just as important in our job.

Bakker is a subsidiary of Greenyard, the global market leader for fresh, freeze fresh and prepared fruit and vegetables, flowers and plants. Bakker has divisions in The Netherlands, Czechia and Belgium.
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Supplying the very best quality
We - all 800 of us in the Netherlands - go all out to ensure that our customers are successful and happy to have us as a partner. Which is only possible if you really work together. From developing innovative ripening techniques to ensuring that Albert Heijn receives the right supplies. From creating new, tasty products with and for Albert Heijn to the development of innovative packaging. All with the same end result in mind: supplying the very best quality for the consumer.
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We already know now what we will be selling next year at Bakker. Most of the new crops are already planted far ahead. We believe in working with the same partners. Both with our Dutch growers network Holland Crop as well as with our international network of growers. We have been working for several decades with many of them. Which is important, because this is how we and our growers can supply the best quality to our customers. In addition to this, we always go in search of the best products from around the world. As close to home as possible, as far away as necessary.
Logistics services
Logistics planning is the spider in the web of our business. The products we proudly grow and buy are supplied at the right moment and quantity, at the right time, to our customers. We ripen and package our fruit and vegetables in Operations. Our colleagues in quality control check the products for defects and for compliance with the customers’ requirements. Our drivers ensure that all the products are delivered on time.
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Knowledge centre
More and more people are adopting a health-conscious and sustainable lifestyle. Which makes working with fruit and vegetables even more fun! We constantly study quality, food safety, the environmental impact, health and taste. And we connect the knowledge about our products with our growers network to assure quality and to continuously make improvements.

In 1930, Janus Bakker established Bakker Barendrecht. His five sons all worked for the company at some point during their career and one of his grandsons still works here today. The spirit of innovation and pioneering is engrained in our company’s DNA.
Our customers
We have been working with Albert Heijn since 1960. A special cooperation that developed into a strategic partnership over the years. We work likewise with the Albert supermarket chain in Czechia and Delhaize in Belgium. Our daily goal is to ensure that our customers are successful and happy to have us as partners.
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Our values
These values are the starting promise for everything we do in our company. We are passionate, entrepreneurial, reliable, creative and we are sharing.