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for a healthier future
We enjoy what we do. Working with a natural product means you need to rely on passionate colleagues.
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We take the initiative and get the job done. We are one of the initially driving forces behind CoolRail, the train link for fresh products between Rotterdam and Valencia. (photo: Sandra Zeilstra)
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We do what we say and we say what we do. An agreement is an agreement, and we always focus on a common goal. The Bakker approach in a nutshell.
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We innovate our products and our processes. Just look at AH Verspakketten, a selection of convenient and healthy fresh meal kits. We were the first to develop these in the Netherlands, together with Albert Heijn.
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We develop long-term relationships and are team players. We are proud of our 60-year partnership with Albert Heijn and have been working with the same grower network for many decades. (photo: Jeroen van der Wielen)
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About us
We are proud of our customers’ success! Our strategic partnership with our customers and our close cooperation with our growers ensure that we can supply the very best quality, now and in the future.